Packing and Moving Process Provided by Prestolink Packers & Movers

Prestolink Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd. as a leading packing and moving company in Patna, India make use of following process and proceed for our packing & moving services with utmost care and professionalism.

Packing and Moving Process Provided by Prestolink Packers & Movers

Preliminary Stage At the preliminary stage when you call our customer care numbers our customer care executives explains to you the various types tailor made packages available, which suits best to your needs and budget so that you can take a cost effective and good decision on your package.

Packing and Loading After the quotes are finalized and we move onto next stage. In this stage at the pre determined date the packing of the materials are undertaken by specially trained / well spoken / hard working and experienced moving staff using intenationally standard methods and techniques and wide range of packing materials so that our customers valuable things are well protected in transit and hence our customers are well assured of the safety of their goods.

Warehousing As per our customers requirements we provide short term or long term ware housing storage facilities at our well built and fully equipped ware houses where the belongings can be stored safely and in a bright environment. All our ware houses are fully pesticided.

Listing of Articles / Inventory Later a Inventory or List of Articles loaded in the vehicle are prepared without leaving smallest of things and the materials condition at the time of loading is noted. Then your goods are moved to your new destination. As per your specific requirements escorts are sent along with the vehicle who provides upto date information as per your requirement.

Inspection and Survey After that we collect customers address and contact numbers and a field officer is deputed to your place who takes stock of the things to be relocated and ascertains the costs involved and gives the best estimate / quote to you.

Unpacking of Materials At the destination again a team of fully professional unpacking team take possession of the vehicle and the materials are unloaded and unpacked without causing the slightest of damages to any of the items and all the dismantled items are fitted and assembled again as per your guidance and properly placed as per your requirement.

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